Mozilla Firefox 40.0 released, available for download

Mozilla Firefox 44 is readily available for download. This is a stable release channel update which includes specific improvements particularly to Windows 10 with additional protection against unwanted software downloads. Stay Tuned and always download Mozilla Firefox latest release. List of changes so done in this version are: New : Enabled API allowing Windows 10 users to open

[Update] Google Chrome updates to 44 (44.0.2403.157)

Google Chrome released a new stable release version 44 and updated it to new version 44.0.2403.157 and is available for download as offline standalone installer as well web installer. In This build several security related issues with few bug are fixed and improvements in performance is done. Features so improved: New apps/extension APIs added Stability and performance improved 43 security

How to turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization Option and reduce your data usage in Windows 10

Windows 10 is the future of Microsoft’s Windows Operating System and is very smartly build be the developers based on feedback from Insiders worldwide. But in this OS Microsoft has added one new feature of peer to peer sharing option into Windows Update option. In case if you are experiencing that your data usage is

Download Windows 10 Enterprise Free 90-day Trial Version

With release of Windows 10, at least Microsoft servers are facing massive internet traffic of up to 40TB/s, but all this is worth the happiness of users installing or upgrading to Windows 10. Redmond giant made availability of Windows 10 either via upgrade or direct ISO of the OS, it all depends on user’s choice.

Windows 10 is available for download and free upgrade

Today Jul 29 is the remarkable day in Windows history as Windows 10, the best Operating System is releasing. Windows 10 is already out there, and is ready for download or a free upgrade now. Starting from Midnight EDT one can easily go for the next generation OS. Till now we were using the Insider builds.

Windows 10 System Requirements

Microsoft is ready to release the RTM of its latest Operating System, “Windows 10” and we here presents the required specifications of the same to our readers. In order to either upgrade or fresh install Windows 10, we first need to know the system requirements of Windows 10. Tomorrow, July 29 is the day of

How to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and Windows 8 for free

Microsoft set the release date as July 29th for Windows 10 and this time does something creative by announcing it from the Cortana. World’s smartest personal digital assistant announces about the release and free upgrade of Windows 10. You can also ask about the release of Windows 10 from Cortana in case you are a Windows

Have you reserved your free upgrade to Windows 10?

Yes you heard it right as Microsoft promised that every single users of Windows (Windows 7 or later) will get a free copy of Windows 10 as and when it’ll get released. Here is what every users worldwide getting, a new Windows icon in their system tray which tips “Get Windows 10“. Starting right now

Visual Studio 2015 Released, download now (Direct ISO links inside)

Visual Studio 2015 released by Microsoft today and is readily available for download officially. Along with Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.6 has been announced which brings hundreds of new features for developers. Now developers will have more openness in developing for desktop, web, mobile, cloud and more. Download links are given below, choose as per your requirements

All Keyboard Shortcuts of Windows 7 at one place.

Windows 7 have lots of keyboard shortcuts which can be used to make our daily task much easier, interactive, and efficiently saves our time & effort. Keyboard shortcut is nothing but just combinations of two or more keys. When the combination is pressed a task is performed which may require a mouse or other pointing