A new way to Optimize Your Windows with Tune Up Utilities 2010

Tune Up served us so many years and we also seen the tremendous performance of Windows after use of Tune Up and with the same feel but with a lot more development here we are with its new and much more powerful version “Tune Up Utilities 2010”.
Once you install the Tune Up Utilities 2010, just leave your Windows to it and it will do the rest to bring performance from your slow running Operating System. With lots of new and advanced features of Tune Up you don’t have to bother about the performance of Windows. This time we are also having Gadget of Tune Up for Windows Vista and Windows 7 PC. It let you know the status of your PC at all times and you need not to launch the utility every time, just have a look over its Gadget and it supplies the current results of the analysis of the first three categories of the Start center: Maintain System, Increase Performance and Fix problems.
Features of Tune up Utilities 2010:
Turbo Mode: Turbo Mode in Tune Up provides us an immediate performance boost as per our need by performing an analysis of computer system and its processes so as to check which programs and functions are not strictly necessary. After the analysis those programs are wither stopped or slowed down for allowing the additional processing power gained to be used exclusively by the programs you are actually running.

Increase Performance: This feature of Tune Up will help you in increasing performance of you computer system by showing the identified possibilities like recommnedations for uninstalling unused apps, increasing internet speed, adjusting the Visual effects of system, battery power plan to improve performance and battery age etc.

In order to use this feature you must complete a profile so that TuneUp Utilities can provide you with tailored recommendations on how to increase performance.

And many more features, just go on counting and see the resulting performance of your system after installing this powerful utility. For more details you can visit TuneUp and stay connected with UnlockWindows simply by susbscribing with us.

Download the TuneUp Utility from here. | Buy from here.