Bitdefender Power Tune-Up for Android Devices

Bitdefender Power Tune-Up is a free utility which give you an enhanced and powerful control to optimize your Android device. You can optimize any Android device running Android 2.1 or later for its maximum performance, battery economy, and controlled data traffic.

BitDefender Power Tune-Up

Features of BitDefender Tune-Up:

  • Device Clean-up: Removes unnecessary cache and temporary files from both internal and external storage resulting in extra storage gain.
  • 3G Traffic Monitoring: Set limits, thresholds and monitor your 3G traffic and get notifications when limits are reached. Save money by monitoring 3G data usage.
  • Battery Widget: Keep an eye on remaining battery time with Power Tune-Up widget.
  • Battery Consumption: Get informed of your available talk or standby time and even you can stop the processes that CPU or RAM hungry.
  • Battery Saving Modes: Switch to Battery Saver mode or create your own custom mode and save precious battery life.

BitDefender Tune-Up is in beta mode now but it’s very effective and useful for the Android users.

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