Browser War resulted with IE8 as number Ist.

The Browsers, or Products under Test, were obtained independently by NSS Labs. Generally available software releases were used in all cases. Each product was updated to the most current version available at the time testing began. The results are based upon empirically validated evidence gathered by NSS Labs during 12 days of 24×7 testing of more than 154,000 individual tests.

The following is a current list of the web browsers that were tested:
•Microsoft Internet Explorer v7
•Microsoft Internet Explorer v8 (RC1)
•Google Chrome v1.0.154
•Apple Safari v3
•Mozilla Firefox v3.07
•Opera 9.64

Once testing began, the product version was frozen in order to preserve the integrity of the test. This test relied upon Internet access for the reputation systems and access to live content. Generally, there is a configurable separation between software updates and database or signature updates – to draw analogies from the antivirus, IPS and general software practices.

To download the test result of browser war click here.
Source: Web Browser Security.