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Review: Flash Facebook Cookbook by James Ford [Packt Publishing]

Flash Facebook Cookbook by James Ford : Over 60 recipes for integrating Flash applications with the Graph API and Facebook. Book Description – Introduction: Flash Facebook Cookbook as named gives a hint of some collection of recipes to create or develop flash and AIR(Adobe Integrated Runtime) applications. And due to the popularity of Facebook and

Download: Windows 7 Power User Guide ebook for free

Microsoft MVP Mike Halsey released an ebook to unleash the power of Windows 7 and get its best out. This ebook is very helpful for the novice to tech pros and it includes  step-by-step guide with illustrations and diagrams on every page with lots of quick tips throughout. Mike Halsey is running a weblog named www.thelonglclimb.com

Office 2010 Resource Kit available for download in Compiled Help Format (.chm)

We all are using Office 2010 the latest release of Microsoft Office and it is full of new advanced features. Its important to know about the features, what are they, how they work and lots more, so here Microsoft released a Resource Kit for Office 2010 and published it on the web as well as

Download free ebook from Microsoft on SQL Server 2008 R2 Introduction

Microsft SQL Server 2008 R2, not a minor release rather there are lot of exciting enhancements with wide range of new capabilities engineered into SQL Server 2008 R2 creating positive impact on applications, ranging from improvements in operation to those in management. It is definitely not a minor release! So as to analyse and understand

Free ebook: Windows Security from Script Logic for TechNet Flash subscribers

There is an offer of free ebook to keep yourself secured and for the security of your Windows network. This ebook will leads us to a easy-to-use centralized managemnt solution for protection of your Windows network. In a simple and elegant manner you can manage access controls and security on Windows Servers, SQL Servers, SharePoint,

Download: Preview Content of Windows Phone 7 Series Programming ebook free.

After the release of Windows Phone 7 Series now its turn to show some programming talent towards its application development. For the same Microsoft provided Windows Phone 7 Series Training Kit for download as free and now Charles Petzold MVP is gving away an ebook for the same so as to bring forward the talent

Download: Your Guide to Windows 7

At ITPro Community for Windows 7 Technet presented a new ebook: ‘Your Guide to Windows 7’. This ebook can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. It covers:– Gadgets– Searching– Projector Mode– The new taskbar– Problems step recorder– Peek– Libraries– Windows Shortcut keys– Snap– Windows Troubleshooting & the Action Center Download:PDF | Home Page

Get your Free Ebook "Cloud Computing" from Microsoft

As we already know that all big organizations are shifting towards Cloud Computing and everyone is talking about the cloud, so here to an Industry shift towards cloud is from Microsoft Buisness Resource Center and is providing a free ebook on “Cloud Computing”. Just explore the cloud and get your own free ebook. This ebook can

Download: Microsoft Office 2010 free ebook by Microsoft

Microsoft is offering first ebook for Microsot Office 2010 free for a limited period of time. There is no need of registration and this book named as “First Look: Microsoft Office 2010, by Katherine Murray” can be directly downloaded from Msdn. Book offers 14 chapters of early content, organized like so: Part I:“Envision the Possibilities,”

Free ebook: Windows 7 troubleshooting tips by Microsoft MVP

As the time has came to run the most fascinating version of Windows i.e. Windows 7 we may also face a stage where we need to troubleshoot our system and then we may need some tech support. So instead of calling some technical expert why don’t first we try our hand to fix the problem.