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Real-time translated conversation made possible by Microsoft Research team

First time in the history of technology features so seen in the movies are coming to real life practically. We all saw Universal Translator in Star Trek but all thought of it as imagination but Microsoft Research team made it possible and even demoed it yesterday at Inaugural Code Conference. Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella had

Microsoft releasing source code of MS Dos and Word for Windows to public

Microsoft going Open Source!! Really it seems dream but it’s truth of the day. Roy Levin, distinguished engineer and managing director of Microsoft Research just announced via TechNet blog about the news. Source code so released will be public at Computer History Museum,  a nonprofit organization which preserving computer history from last four decades and

Download: Kodu game lab for creating games for kids & Classroom kit

Kodu is a new visual proggramming language from Microsoft which lets kids create games on the PC and XBox. Kids can easily use without any previous programming expertise and use it for creating new & creative games. Because of the visual nature of Kodu, it allows for rapid design iteration using only an Xbox game

Be creative with Microsoft Research Autocollage 2008

[Microsoft Research AutoCollage 2008] Photo collages celebrate important events and themes in our lives. It is just a ‘click n go’ software to create amazing and creative collages from your favorite pics. Simply select the folder of images and click on Create and the result in fromt of your eyes in the form of nice

Touch Studio from Microsoft Research team: Now code for your phone on your phone

[Update] TouchStudio is now TouchDevelop. Script your phone! Write code for your phone, on your phone! TouchDevelop is a radically new software development environment on the Windows Phone, bringing the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone. Microsoft Research team made available software development environment for Windows Phone named as Touch Studio with

Download Singularity – Free Operating System from Microsoft Research

Microsoft Research is focusing on construction of dependable systems through innovation in several areas like systems, languages, and tools via its new free Operating System Singularity. Its a research project which crossed 30k downloads in its project life time till date. Singularity is being built as a research OS prototype by extending programming languages, and

Microsoft enters social network service via Tulalip

As the market fo social networking is still sort competitive where Facebook is leading and Google+ is trying to make its own stability Microsoft is the one who seems interesting here. Microsoft is planning to enter into the world of Social Networking Service as it is secretly planning research project Tulalip. First home page of the

Download: Kinect for Windows SDK beta

Microsoft has finally released the beta for Kinect for Windows SDK which is available for download. This download includes device drivers for Kinect as well as APIs, documentation for installation and some other resources too. Kinect SDK is helpful for developers, academic researchers and enthusiasts in order to take the full advantage of Kinect on

Microsoft released Public Beta of Office 365

Yesterday Microsoft made public availability of Office 365 in two forms as one for Small Business People and one for Enterprises. Till now Office 365 was available only for test drive and it was on its top as more than million organizations tested it. The public beta of Office 365 is ready to use for

[Beta Offer] Signup for "Age of Empires online" beta.

After so many successful gaming versions of Age of Empires, this time gaming has changed the way of presenting. Age of Empires is online and its beta signup is going on. So be the first to participate in the beta and play the most exciting mission game online with your friends. You can have a