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How to Index Your PDFs with Bates Numbering

If you work in the legal, business or medical field, chances are that you are familiar with Bates numbering. It is a commonly used method of indexing and identifying documents for easy reference and retrieval. Most common examples of usage include preparations for trials in the legal field or placing unique identifiers on business receipts

DesignEvo, the Best Tool to Create Logos Online

Creating a logo is not easy and it often requires a large amount of money and time. However, in this post we will introduce DesignEvo, an online platform that allows you to create professional logos totally free. It helps you to create logos online in a comfortable, easy and simple way, with a very intuitive

[Review] Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional 7.0

In this digital era of computing, we all do care for information. And we come across with many situations like formatting, software issues, virus attacks, deletion etc. which leads us to inevitable data loss. At such point, we look for some reliable, safe, secure data recovery software which is enough capable to completely restore our

AOMEI Backupper-The Best Backup Software to Create a Windows 7 System Image

As all we know, Windows has been added a built-in backup and restore utility since Windows Vista. However, it has several limitations. Is there a perfect way can back up both the system drive and the system reserved drive? You can try third party free backup and recovery software AOMEI Backupper. Today I have to

Create Windows 10 Bootable External Disk with AOMEI Partition Assistant

If your Windows 10 system on your computer is broken or your computer cannot boot successfully, what will you do? Windows To Go is a great tool that can install the Windows OS on a USB flash drive, and you can use the flash drive to boot your Windows in any computer. Today we will

How to Convert Scanned PDFs to Word at Once

[Review] “PDF Converter Elite” – How to convert Scanned PDF to Word Turning paper documents into their digital versions has become a common thing nowadays. One of the reasons why people turn to digital documents is the fact that such files can be transferred somewhere else more quickly and easily. There is a difference between

9 Biggest Reasons to Check Out the New Able2Extract 11

It’s no secret that the PDF is among the most used file types in all industries. For more than two decades, it has been the number one digital format when it comes to viewing and sending documents. The main culprit for that — its ability to replicate user input, regardless of the platform it’s used

How to Make Custom Labels Online Free

It really pays off to label personal, kids, household, and office items. On one hand, you keep your family’s personal items safe from losing and thus cut expenses of purchasing new ones. On the other, labels help your household members, dinner party guests and everyone around you to distinguish between, for example, similar but different

How to Unlock Windows 10 User Account Login Password

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Ultimate for Windows 10 A lot of the Windows PC users have been used to creating a sign in password. In that case, someone else will probably be denied to make use of their Computer without the creator’s authorization. Definitely, it truly is a great way for the PC owner to

Able2Extract 10 Review: Convert Any Format to Microsoft Excel With Able2Extract 10

Review of Able2Extract 10, Best All-In-One PDF Converter ever developed. If you work with data, then you know that data can come in any shape in form. Think inventory lists, client information, sale transactions, account ledgers, product information, customer tracking IDs, user surveys and so on. Not only that, but there are numerous ways to analyze