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AOMEI Backupper-The Best Backup Software to Create a Windows 7 System Image

As all we know, Windows has been added a built-in backup and restore utility since Windows Vista. However, it has several limitations. Is there a perfect way can back up both the system drive and the system reserved drive? You can try third party free backup and recovery software AOMEI Backupper. Today I have to

How to Unlock Windows 10 User Account Login Password

SmartKey Windows Password Recovery Ultimate for Windows 10 A lot of the Windows PC users have been used to creating a sign in password. In that case, someone else will probably be denied to make use of their Computer without the creator’s authorization. Definitely, it truly is a great way for the PC owner to

Windows 8.1 Update 1 available for download

Microsoft made the day for all Windows 8.1 users by releasing Update 1 for Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 Update 1 is first update package after its release which can be considered as Service Pack or Feature Pack for it. This update will bring new features for Operating System and will definitely impress its users worldwide.

Syrian Electronic Army firing hacking lazers over Microsoft again

After the New Year blast by Syrian Electronic Army on Skype’s Facebook, twitter and its blog, Microsoft is fired by the hacking lazer from SEA again. This time Microsoft’s Official blog, twitter accounts of @XBoxSupport and @MSFTnews are hacked by SEA. Tweets confirming the hack was done by the SEA members were posted early morning

Skype’s twitter, facebook and blog hacked by SEA

It seems like New Year got some serious security breaches. Yesterday we heard about SnapChat database leak of 4.6 millions accounts and now the Skype is targeted by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). SEA hacked Twitter account of Skype along with Official Facebook page and Skype’s blog. Few posts and tweets were done by the hacker

Millions of SnapChat account hacked; phone numbers and user names leaked, cross check yours

Hacking is the first thing which Cyber World has to see on the New Year. Year 2014 welcomed Internet users with 4.6 millions of Snapchat user’s phone number and their user name. This huge database was leaked and posted on SnapChatDB buy hackers. The security breach is now fixed by the SnapChat Security experts but

Microsoft firing over Google via Scroogled Ad Campaign

Microsoft started one new Ad Campaign namely “Scroogled” for giving users behind the scene view of Google’s ongoing use of invasive tactics to maximize their advertising profits. According to the Scroogled website, Scroogled points to: Word Origin: Google’s ongoing use of invasive tactics to maximize their advertising profits. Definition: The Google practice of selling their

Download Windows Defender Offline and stay safe

Windows Defender is coming inbuilt in Windows 8 and is powerful free Security Tool from Microsoft. Windows Defender can be used offline to detect & remove malicious and other potential unwanted software like rootkits. Sometimes rootkits which get installed on a PC themselves may try to hide but Windows Defender offline remove them immediately before

Microsoft Security Essentials v4.1 released, updated to 4.1.0522.0

Microsoft Security Essentials is free antivirus from Microsoft for all the genuine Windows users. Microsoft released the final version of MSE 4.1 by updating it to 4.1.0522.0. Microsoft Security Essentials is an anti-annoying, anti-expensive, anti-virus program which is designed simple to install and use. MSE provides real-time protection for its home as well as small business users. System

DNSChanger Malware Fix Procedure

When you are affected by the DNS Changer Malware because of which FBI will shutdown Clean DNS Servers on July 9th, 2012 so as to clean the mess created by this Trojan, its necessary to get rid of it. Here is the DNSChanger Malware Fix Procedure(via FBI) step by step from Top Anti-Malware Companies like Microsoft, McAfee, Kaspersky and