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Roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 Preview using Windows Recovery Tool

Windows 10 Preview for Phone is out for testing and many Windows lovers are already using it via Windows Insider. But every one of us knows it very well that behind the fun of testing this preview there are lots of bugs & unfixed issues which are amy or may not be known by its

Enable Hidden Calendar and Lock Screen in Windows 10

Everybody is tasting the newly released Technical Preview of Windows 10 build 9926 but there are still lots of features which are about to come or hidden. Two of such hidden features are unlocked using registry editor. One of them is the new Calendar and clock, and other is new styled Lock Screen with new

How to Restart Nokia Lumia when it hangs

I came across with a strange situation with one of my friends Nokia Lumia 720. It runs on Windows Phone 8 and I’m also an owner of same phone. I was curios to know the problem and its solution. Let’s first have look for the problem: Nokia Lumia 720 not switching off / Windows Phone

Check Warranty Status of your Nokia Lumia or Microsoft Lumia device

All Nokia Lumia or we can say Microsoft Lumia devices owner must know about the warranty details of their smartphones whether their devices are still covered under company’s warranty or not. Or if you extended your device’s warranty then it must get reflected on the system as well. In all Lumia devices this option is

How to Enable or Disable Start Menu in Windows 10 Without Logging Off

You already saw how to switch from Start Menu to Start Screen in Windows 10 and vice-versa. Here is how to do the same with the help of Registry Editor. Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 was the era of Start Screen and lots of people loved it but still it was annoying for those who wanted

Toggle Toast Notification from bottom to top and vice-versa in Windows 10

Toast Notification in Windows 8/8.1 was quite good and impressive and it used to appear on Top-Right of your desktop. But in Windows 10 for a change Microsoft changed the place of Toast Notification. Toast Notifications appears when one plugs any Removable disk or any other USB device or when new mail comes or for

How to Enable or Disable Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 came up with new concept of Start Menu. As we saw in early releases of Windows, Start Menu was dropped after Windows 7. But in this release Microsoft bought back the crispy Start Menu with new idea of merging classic Start Menu of Windows 7 with Windows 8 Start Screen. It’s a combo

How to get Slide To Shutdown feature in Windows 8.1 as like in Windows Phone

Windows 8 has become the third most popular OS in the world after the launch of Windows 8.1, and its not just because–it is Free but its exclusive features lets users to play around with ease. This article describes a handy feature adopted from Windows Phone that you might need to know for Windows 8.1

Naughtiest, geekiest and weirdest things to ask Cortana [Updated]

Cortana, the most personal smartphone assistant which comes along with Windows Phone 8.1. It looks out for Windows Phone owner with help of power of Bing. Cortana keeps updating herself with our interests over time and keep track of all things which matters. Being as personal assistant she can call for you, text, keeps reminders, set alarms

Enable/Disable Metro apps on Taskbar via registry editing

We already saw how to see metro apps on taskbar in Windows 8.1 Update 1. We can either enable or disable this feature from Taskbar properties easily but what happens behind the scene is here. In registry a simple Dword entry’s value toggles to enable/disable the above feature. Here is how to do the trick