How to activate Windows 8 Release Preview

We all know that Windows 8 Release Preview is released and most of the people all over the world downloaded and even installed the Operating System. Now after installing the Windows 8, its necessary to activate Windows 8 which can be done easily. Here is how to activate Windows 8:

Move your Mouse cursor to the extreme right corner to bring the Charms bar. Select Setting from the Charms bar and click on it. You’ll see the following options:

Windows 8

Now select More PC settings from here. And then The Activate Windows options get started automatically.

Windows 8

You can also activate Windows using Command Prompt which is an easy way to do so. For this open Command Prompt via Run Dialog Box (Press Win Key + R and then type cmd).

Type Command slmgr /ato to activate the Windows. You will see a confirmation box for the successful activation.

 Windows 8

You can check the detailed license information (Shown above) using command slmgr /dlv where you will see the expiration date of Windows 8 Release Preview which is January 15, 2013. Stay tuned for more Windows 8 articles.

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  1. do i need internet to activate the window 8 consumer preview.

    please reply to my email also

  2. Michael P says:

    Curious, as mine says change PC settings. not more pc settings. Mine will not activate. using any option above.

    • Kindly try one more time if not then go for command prompt activation using slmgr command. Run Command Prompt in Elevated Mode and type “slmgr /ato” and press enter. Your activation will be successful. Hope this work if not please do reply.

  3. we have to do activation again after january 15 2013

  4. do they got windows 8 remove wat

  5. Jafar Jalal says:

    Even,RTM is disgusting.It’s not getting activated and it’s really annoying.At first,we were amazed and now the settings are not so user-friendly.Please say me the way of activating win 8 RTM pack (64 bit)

    • There is another option mentioned here which is command line. Use slmgr /ato (in elevated command prompt) to activate Windows.

      • I get

        Error: 0xC004C003 The activation server determined the specified product key is blocked

        when run the slmgr /ato command in the console running as an admin.

        Any clue? What else can I do to activate Windows 8 RTM 64bit?

        • In order to successfully activate your Windows, Your key must be genuine. Any fake key or already blocked key will not be accepted. So prior activating ensure the genuineness of key. :)

  6. how can i activate 8 plz tel me

  7. i used the correct key but after the installation i was been ask to activate it again how can i do that

    • At the time of installation key is used only for proceeding the installation. For activation you have to follow the steps given above in the article. In PC Settings, there is an option Activate Windows. Click on that. Now using your Internet Connection your PC will be activated provided that your key is genuine.

  8. Mine does’nt give any activate windows option…
    it just says your evaluation copy is Expired :/

  9. what after 15 jan 2013 bro

    plz mail me new tricks

  10. while activating it is telling that the spedified product key is blocked for activation so then what i have to do

  11. please say a link witch gotes an activator or a genuine key is thre another way or its a shit

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