How to Restart Nokia Lumia 720 when it hangs

I came across with a strange situation with one of my friends Nokia Lumia 720. It runs on Windows Phone 8 and I’m also an owner of same phone. I was curios to know the problem and its solution. Let’s first have look for the problem:

  • Nokia Lumia 720 not switching off / Windows Phone 8 not switching off.
  • Nokia Lumia 720¬†screen black out / Windows Phone 8 screen black out.
  • Nokia Lumia 720 power button not working / Windows Phone 8 power button not working.
  • Nokia Lumia 720 nothing shown on phone when someone calls to it / Windows Phone 8 nothing shown on phone when someone calls to it.
  • Nokia Lumia 720 can’t power it off using PC also / Windows Phone 8 can’t power it off using PC also.

Nokia Lumia 720

As we all know that battery of phone is not replaceable as it is fully covered. So one can’t restart it by taking its battery out and all other options are not working. Here is the perfect solution for it:

Hold down and press the Volume down button and Power Off button for 15-20 seconds. Both buttons must be hold down and pressed simultaneously. Your phone will restart within few seconds. If it doesn’t work that please repeat same for 30 seconds it’ll definitely work.

Hope this solution for Nokia Lumia not restarting or Windows Phone 8 not restarting will be helpful for all. Stay Connected and tuned.

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  1. hey this was really useful…. thanx for the tip…. my nokia 720 is a good phone but twice this has happened and i didnt know what to do and had to approach the dealers…. thanx once again for the tip…

  2. Hi,

    Thank You so much…

    I was facing this problem. i was unable to switch on my mobile (Lumia 720).

    But your post really helped me. And surely it worked.

    phone is restarted.

    Thanks Again.

  3. Thanks, but why it happens? I think it’s the WhatsApp app, because sometimes it’s after check or send or something with Waths.

  4. Many Thanks for your helpful advise it has worked for me

  5. Thank you so much
    this tips works out a lot

    once again thant you so much

  6. janak raj says:

    hey friends, it is beautyful & great tip ! thanks.

  7. Mithun Rathinasamy says:

    Wow, you saved my day!!! :D Thanks!!!

  8. Deepak Devarajan says:

    Thanks. This worked for me :)

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