How Win32/FakeSysdef Corrupts Your Computer and way to remove it

Here is a quick demonstration of how Win32/FakeSysdef enters into your computer system and then corrupts the whole system within few minutes. Step by step demo is shown in the video and the way how to remove the Trojan to get your system back to work fully protected.

How this Trojan enters into your system:

  • Shows a fake scanning of you computer system
  • Shows some fake results that some problems found in your computer system. ( Check it is not possible to close the process )
  • It will ask for a system reboot and start in safe mode to clean your computer.
  • System is restarted in safe mode which is fake safe mode.
  • It will ask for activation of software for cleaning, or go for free.
  • Whoaaa… all of your files gone.

How to get back your files and remove that trojan:
Use Microsoft Safety Scanner. Download the software from here. and run it in safe mode. You’ll see in few minutes that trojan is removed and all your files are back and your system too back to a safe status.


Beware of such fake viruses, trojans and other malware like FakeSysdef.

  • Lia

    Thanks for the good advice offered. Much appreciated.
    The variant I had was called “File Recovery.”
    I ran Microsoft Safety Scanner. It found FakeSysDef and removed it.

    Then I was able to reboot okay. I also downloaded AVGFree and ran a full scan.

    My Start Menu was still blank. All files and folders were still hidden.
    I had to go into Win Explorer and adjust the View option to see them all.
    Then untick the Hidden attribute for all folders.
    Hours of fun … good luck to anyone else, and many thanks to MS for zapping this trojan.