Improve Link Building with Proper Text

Link building has always been a controversial SEO technique. Every few years, some experts declare that it no longer works. All types of link building strategies do not work. It requires skill and tact to get the best out of link building. There is no direct mapping that can be done between the links built and the improvement in ranking. Still, a good SEO expert can observe that link building can be effective in rising on the SERPs.

SEO Link Building

What are Anchor Texts and Partial Match Anchor Texts

Anchor text is the set of works clicking on which leads you to your website. In other words, it is the text you choose to apply your link on. These texts are usually keywords or a combination of them. Search engines also calculate the relevancy with the kind of words that link to your page. So choosing the right anchor text is of prime importance. Partial anchor texts are other relevant texts that can be created with the combination of the main anchor text words.

For example, if your keyword is “sports socks”, you can use texts like “Buy the best cotton sports socks”. This way you get many other keywords like “best sports socks” “buy cotton socks”, “buy sports socks”, “cotton sports socks” etc. These are partial anchor texts. If you are looking for long term network of back links, these partial anchor texts can be very beneficial.

Factors that Affect Link Building Success

There are a lot of things that search engines consider while giving importance to a back link. One of the major factors is definitely the anchor text. The sentence in which the anchor text appears is also considered along with the title of the post, the URL of the link, URLs of other links that are used on the same page and many others.

Best Links are Natural Links

Even though you are running a link building campaign, you need not sound like a link hungry demon. Search engines give more importance to natural links that are not induced (or at least appear to be so). The links should be from relevant websites and have relevant anchor texts. Partial anchor texts make your website look more credible and relevant. Since they are all different words, the link building process also looks more natural.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This is as simple as that. If you work on the same anchor text, you will get good results for that text. But what about others? You cannot expect internet users to search using for the keywords that you have selected. They will use variations and so should you. It is always safer to use more keyword phrases. Just like long tail keywords, longer anchor texts are also more specific.

When it comes to selection of anchor texts for link building, remember that all partial texts together get more credibility that the whole anchor text alone. This will make link building easier and much more effective.

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