Leaked Images Shows Prototype Of Next Microsoft Lumia Device, Supposed To Be Lumia 1030

After launching Microsoft Lumia 535, now Microsoft is busy in manufacturing next flagship Windows Phone so as to launch in market ASAP. TaoBao.com posted some leaked pictures of unknown prototype of a new Microsoft Lumia device. By looking at these pictures it’s clear that this smartphone is supposed to be the successor of Nokia Lumia 1020. It’s quite clearly visible that this prototype which is supposed to be Microsoft Lumia 1030, is having the same camera bump on backside as it is on Nokia Lumia 1020 but we are not sure that what’s the quality of the lens or how many mega pixels it’ll be having. But it’s sure that it’s an upgraded version of Nokia Lumia 1020.

Microsoft-Lumia-1030-prototype-leaked Microsoft-Lumia-1030-prototype-leaked (2) Microsoft-Lumia-1030-prototype-leaked (4) Microsoft-Lumia-1030-prototype-leaked (5)

This prototype (Lumia 1030) is codenamed as Nokia RM-1052 powered with 2GB RAM, running Windows Phone 8.1 and design of the phone is similar to Lumia 925 as it’s having aluminum body. Still it’s not confirmed from Microsoft or Nokia or any other official sources that it’s a real or a fake job. Soon we’ll be updating all of you with the official information from Microsoft about this upcoming device.

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