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Candy Crush Saga make its way to Windows Phone, download now

Most popular hit game of Facebook “Candy Crush Saga” comes to Windows Phone. It’s a great news for all Candy Crush lovers who uses Windows Phone. Candy Crush is available for all Windows Phone 8.1/Windows 8 users. Candy Crush is a puzzle game Candy from the makers of Pet Rescue Saga & Farm Heroes Saga! This puzzle game is

Skype’s twitter, facebook and blog hacked by SEA

It seems like New Year got some serious security breaches. Yesterday we heard about SnapChat database leak of 4.6 millions accounts and now the Skype is targeted by Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). SEA hacked Twitter account of Skype along with Official Facebook page and Skype’s blog. Few posts and tweets were done by the hacker

How to block people, app invites, event invites and apps in facebook

Some time its necessary to block several users due to fake profile or because of their disturbing nature. So here is how to manage blocking in facebook. Follow the simple steps: Log in to your facebook account. Go to Privacy Settings by clicking on drop down button on top-right. Go to Blocked People and apps (

Mark Zuckerburg’s idea of Facebook Year in Review

Mark bought new idea Year in Review for Facebook users where one can see a collection of his/her biggest moments on Facebook from this year. Each Facebook user can also see a review of your friends biggest moments collection of this year. This review will include life events from your profile, your popular posts shared

Facebook for Windows Phone 8 available now

Official Facebook app for Windows Phone 8 which Microsoft released on testing basis and was tagged as beta is now available as stable version. Facebook for Windows Phone 8 is now readily available for download on Windows Phone store. After lots of improvement and adding features finally Microsoft removed the beta tag from it and

Download facebook data and create your own personal website

Facebook data is very important for us and from the day we joined facebook we are day by day increasing the size of it without having its backup or archive. So here it is how to make archive of your facebook information and download facebook data. First of all we will see what is facebook data and what

Facebook App Center Launched

Facebook announced its App Center last month which is now open for use for its users. Facebook made official announcement of launch of App Center in the U.S. which will be available to everyone in the coming week. Facebook App Center is having more than 600 apps right now and time to time it’ll grow

Facebook Ads using you in earning revenue

Facebook after releasing IPO now wants to earn revenue from the Ads where they will target you as a medium. Facebook Ads settings is very clever and makes you a medium for showing Ads to you & your friends so as to result in more money. Settings of Ads is by default using you and

Facebook appcenter announced

Today Facebook announced the Facebook AppCenter where facebook users can find social apps. Soon people will be able to access the App center on the web and also in the iOS & Android Facebook apps. The App Center is valuable for the developers as they can grow their apps here and can create more opportunities for more apps.

Pinterest CEO Ben Silberman talks about Pinterest; Watch the Interview

Pinterest is the fastest growing Social Networking website based on a virtual pinboard concept. Pinterest let you organize as well share all things which you find on the web. For a user to share on Pinterest some interesting things which is found on the web, simply have to pin it. Pinterest is made up of boards based