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Microsoft firing over Google via Scroogled Ad Campaign

Microsoft started one new Ad Campaign namely “Scroogled” for giving users behind the scene view of Google’s ongoing use of invasive tactics to maximize their advertising profits. According to the Scroogled website, Scroogled points to: Word Origin: Google’s ongoing use of invasive tactics to maximize their advertising profits. Definition: The Google practice of selling their

Qwiki acquired by Yahoo in around $50 Million

Qwiki launched in Jan 24, 2011 is a New York City based startup company who developed an app for iPhone users. Qwiki app is  capable for automatically turning the pictures and videos into movies. It takes pictures and videos from user’s camera roll and then user can share that movies created by this app. Yesterday

Microsoft bringing back Start Button in Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue)

As we already know that Microsoft will be releasing update for Windows 8 on June 26th as Windows 8.1 aka Windows Blue. Windows 8.1 will bring lots of new changes and improvements which will advance the touch experience and mobile computing’s potential for its users. Keeping customers feedback and their usage pattern in mind Microsoft

Flickr reborn: Revamped UI, Hi-res Photos, 1 Terabyte of free storage

Flickr was about to see its end but Yahoo saved it by revamping its design and features. Flickr will now give its user more. More in free space, in new design, in seamless working with any device, in freedom of uploading hi-res images & HD videos. Yahoo just announced that Flickr users will get free

Microsoft sold 40 million licenses of Windows 8

One month ago on October 26th Windows 8 was made available for public. Now it’s great to hear that 40 million licenses are sold till today. Windows 8 is most advanced operating system of the world and is ready to run on a PC as well on a tablet. Concept of apps is introduced in

Nokia Lumia 900 launched in India; Check out price

There is a great news for all those who want to use Nokia Lumia 900 in India. Nokia finally launched its till now best smartphone, Nokia Lumia 900, in India. Nokia Lumia 900 is available for purchase in India on Nokia’s shopping sites and on their online shopping sites like Nokia Lumia 900 price in India has been

iPhone 5 released by apple

Finally the wait is over and Apple introduces the sixth generation of iPhone today. iPhone 5 announced by Philip W. Schiller as the thinnest and lightest iPhone among whole family of iPhone. This next generation of iPhone is 7.6 mm thin, 112 grams, 4 inches screen size with 326 PPI Retina display. It’s having 16:9

Windows 8 and Windows RT Compatible Logo Usage Guidelines released

Microsoft released the usage guidelines for the Windows 8 Compatible Logo for the certified devices and desktop apps that have passed tests of compatibility & reliability with Windows 8. These usage guidelines are for all those companies and individuals who wants to display the “Windows 8 Compatible” logo or the combined “Windows 8 and Windows

Microsoft New logo unveiled after 25 years

Microsoft was using the same logo from 1987 till yesterday but now Microsoft unveiled a new logo today. This is first time after a long time span of 25 years Microsoft introduced a new logo with a promising design. Have a look at the Microsoft new logo: Microsoft new logo consists of two components: the logotype and

Windows 8 Packaging sneak peek

Windows 8 has been RTM’d and has been handed to the respective OEM partners for further processing. On October 26 Windows 8 will be available on new PCs, tablets, in stores, online purchase or via upgrade. We all know this but how Windows 8 packaging will look like. It’s a curious question in mind of Windows users. So