5 reasons why you should consider upgrading to Windows 10

If you still run on an older version of Windows, it is essential to know that they cut out all feature upgrades and support for all versions apart from Windows 10 from January 14. However, if you are still a hardcore fan of some of the previous versions of Windows, we are going to give you 6 great reasons why you should consider an upgrade to Windows 10.

There are a few advantages and disadvantages with every new version of Windows, but it is essential to stay updated with time and follow the latest software improvements.

Let’s see some of the benefits that Windows 10 has to offer.


Fast startups are considered as the signature dish for Windows 10. Since they’ve made few operating system changes with the Windows 8 and 8.1, we’ve seen a significant performance improvement. If you still run with the nostalgic Windows 7, you definitely will appreciate the performance boost with their latest version.

The new 3D engine and DirectX 12 are able to offer game developers a chance to develop complicated games and Windows 10 can handle them.


It is always lovely to see interactions with modern technology. We’ve seen many examples, such as Siri, or Google, which can understand voice commands and perform certain actions. That is where the Cortana comes for Windows 10. You can now use voice commands to perform specific actions on your Windows 10 such as play music, shut down or put it to sleep, type, navigate and etc.

This is a handy tool especially after a long day of typing and mouse-clicks. However, Cortana is not just about voice commands, and it is also capable of tracking your interests, showing your favorite sports, results from betting fans favorite events like Super Bowl. Also, local weather, and traffic conditions. It is basically like a smart device within your Windows 10.

Great notification center

Just like your smartphone, where you are able to access all your notifications with a touch of a button, Windows 10 has a similar feature called Notification Center. It is capable of showing your messages from your email and from other apps that you use such as birthday reminders or weather. Windows 7 also had a notification feature, but it went in the past since it did not provide good interaction with the system.

Improved Security

Since cybercrime is rising, it is crucial to have a secure operating system. We’ve seen the Secure Boost feature from Windows 8 inherited to Windows 10 making it even more secure. This means that every code when the OS runs is signed by Microsoft or the hardware maker. There are also a couple of different additional security features such as the Microsoft Passport, Device Guard, and Windows Hello.

Additionally, since the updates and support for older versions of Windows have stopped, you will be exposed to a much greater risk for virus or malware infection.

Game Bar

We know that this feature is much appreciated by gamers all around the world. The gaming industry is evolving and there are many people who record gameplay and want additional features provided by the OS for controlling all kinds of things. The Game Bar on Windows 10 can snap screenshots, control audio sources, broadcast gamin session, or record screen video. This is perfect for streamers. Also, you will have performance specifications such as CPU and RAM usage, and at the same time, you will be able to chat with other gamers in the session.  This feature is also good for capturing non-gaming video clips in Windows 10 without downloading an additional application.

These are some of the convincing factors you should upgrade to Windows 10. The obvious reason would be the stop of the updates and support, but if, for some reason, you are still attached to an older OS, you will be amazed by the features of the latest Windows 10.