9 Biggest Reasons to Check Out the New Able2Extract 11

It’s no secret that the PDF is among the most used file types in all industries. For more than two decades, it has been the number one digital format when it comes to viewing and sending documents. The main culprit for that — its ability to replicate user input, regardless of the platform it’s used on.

Besides the PDF itself, there is also an array of popular supportive tools, that make handling PDF much easier and faster. One prime example is Able2Extract Professional 11, the 11th instance of one of the more reputable PDF tools on the market.

This latest version 11 features a variety of options that can help you in the majority of well-known PDF management issues. From basic file type conversions to advanced on-page editing, Able2Extract seems to have all the answers.

Like all other tools, this one has its pros and cons, only this time we decided to focus on the exact processes this tool can help you with. Let’s check out the 9 reasons why Able2Extract Professional 11 should be a staple when working with PDF files.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter
1) Convert PDF to various different formats

You can use Able2Extract Pro 11 to convert PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Image, CSV and AutoCAD. The tool has an embedded OCR engine that also enables you to easily convert any type of scanned documents to all of the formats mentioned above.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

2) Converting multiple PDFs at the same time

If you have multiple PDFs that need to be converted to Word, Excel or AutoCAD, you can use the Batch conversion feature and further simplify your conversions. That way, you can convert a large number of files without going back and forth.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

3) Creating PDF documents from other apps, desktop or Able2Extract

With Able2Extract 11 users can create a variety of supported formats from either their desktop, other supported apps or Able2Extract itself. By clicking on the Create button right inside the software and locating the file on your computer, the software will automatically generate the PDF from almost any file type.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

4) Adding passwords to PDFs with sensitive information

Using Able2Extract, users can set how PDF files will be created by utilizing features from the PDF creation options panel. As of the latest version, it is possible to password protect your PDF from being opened, printed, copied or modified by unauthorized users.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

5) Editing the text right inside a PDF

Able2Extract 11’s WYSIWYG PDF editor can perform any basic or complicated page content modifications. You can edit the text and images right inside your document with instantly visible changes.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

6) Merging multiple PDF files together

You can combine multiple PDF documents to create a completely new file by inserting new pages and saving your edited PDF to complete your changes. This option is a life saver if you have several reports that you wish to combine together.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

7) Extracting individual pages from a larger report

Able2Extract 11 lets you extract any PDF page or a whole range of pages and save them as another separate PDF file. This is a useful option when you wish to get rid of blank pages and make your PDF content more visually appealing.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

8) Annotating your PDFs in nine different ways

From comments and notes to watermarks and stamps, Able2Extract gives you the ability to add different annotations to your PDF content. You can highlight, underline and strikeout PDF text and even insert various links and attachments.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

9) Fully customize PDF files on a page level

Ever wanted to delete, move and edit PDF pages on a granular level? You can now resize any page by inches, centimeters, and millimeters. And if you wish to scale only the text, the tool has got you covered as well. When needed, you can also rotate both pages and content blocks from 90° to 180°.

Able2Extract11 Pro - PDF Converter

In the end, the best solution would probably be to check out Able2Extract in practice. So grab your 7-day free trial right now and give us your thoughts on the software in the comments.