An open call for art and photography by Windows Gallery

Windows Gallery is providing a million dollar worth opportunity¬†where you can get your work and your name in front of a global audience just submitting your art or photography. It’s an open call for all whoever interested in creating or taking real world pictures and is an art lover.

If you want that your art or photography get selected to be used in the gallery either as a wallpaper(a standalone desktop image) or a full theme (a set of desktop images and colors) then follow the steps:

  • Before sending any mail check and review some guidelines for the appropriate format of the image that you will send.
  • Now send your work in email by attaching one image per email only viz, for sending five pictures, send five emails.
  • Don’t zip or compress your art.
  • Information to be included in each email:
    • Your name (how you want to be credited)
    • A brief description of your art or photo
    • Your preferred contact email name
    • The address of your website, if you have one.

Email address where art is needed to be sent is: Read and accept Terms of use. So what are you waiting for, its time to think innovative and create your own artwork or photography and get linked your name with Windows Personalization Gallery.