Building Windows 8 – An Inside look

Finally Microsoft’s Windows engineering team reached a stage where they today released the official blog of Building Windows 8. Windows next operating system will be a huge milestone for all of us as its a new Windows for a new generation of computing devices.Today Steven Sinofsky welcomed “Building Windows 8” or “B8” as a blog where Windows team will discuss about important part of developing Windows 8.

Steven Posted that “We started the Engineering Windows 7 blog in 2008 in recognition of the need to re-engage the community and rebuild trust relative to the engineering and design of Windows. As we moved on to building Windows 8, we took those values and have built on them. Our focus on performance, reliability, compatibility, security, and quality is now baked into our engineering process even as we change Windows for a new generation. With these changes come new ways of doing work on Windows PCs as well as continual investments in hardware, software, and peripherals.”

Even one can reach to all notifications of posts via Twitter with @BuildWindows8 and also with this shortened URl of with links to posts and videos.