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Ergonomic Keyboard is worth giving a shot rather than risking your health

Ergonomic Keyboard are much necessary in today’s computer world as sitting of a person is increasing day by day. Sitting so long and working continuously on simple keyboard results in lots of risk factors. We usually avoid looking towards ergonomics but they are must to reduce stress on our forearms and wrists. Ergonomics keyboard may

Happy New Year 2012

UnlockWindows wishes happy new year 2012 to all of its readers, bloggers, developers, designers, computer geeks and everyone else. happy new year to all of you. I hope I’ll give you all new & interesting contents this year. 🙂

How to change user tile in Windows 8 Developer Preview

Windows 8 Developer brough so many changes in the User accounts too and one thing all we noticed is User Tile which shows picture chosen by us. It’s so easy to change the user tile of your account. Simply follow the steps: Open Control Panel from Start Screen and then Go for Personalize Settings, click on User

10 Ways You Know Your Child Will Grow Up to Be a Microsoft Employee

Every Windows Lovers and tech geeks will have a desire or wish to see their child working in Microsoft as an Employee. So here are 10 signs which shows that when your child will grow up he/she will be a Microsoft Windows Employee. With the brilliant contribution of @brandonleblanc and @benthepcguy the list of 10 ways

Get your Google + plugin code for your website

We all are using Facebook’s like button social plugin and I think after the launch of Google + with lots of rumors that it may takeover Facebook, its time to have its plugin too. UnlockWindows is having Like button and now I just added the Google + Button Social Plugin. So what are you waiting

Lets know what is Google + Project

Google + is a new innovation of Google Team to stand at top in this competitive market of Social Network where Facebook is leading all over the world. Now a days more than I’ll call text you or call you we hear Meet you on fb (facebook). So this is how the era of Social

Upgrade Installation gallery of Windows 8 build 7971

In the series of leaked builds screenshots of Windows 8 now here the complete upgrade screenshots of Windows 8 from Windows 7. As per winreview.ru the screenshots are of the installation process of Windows 8 as an upgrade from Windows 7. This Windows 8 is having build number 6.2.7971.winmain.110324-1900. In this build there is a installer

Download: Windows 8 Glimpse Theme Pack for Windows 7

After a sneak look of the leaked screenshots of Windows 8 which are directly from the Milestone 3 of Windows 8, now to taste the same themepack is released. WindowsValley and Inferse made available Windows 8 Glimpse Theme Pack for Windows 7.  As per WindowsValley: We, with inferse.com adopted an idea and made yet another

Another chance to win TuneUp Utilities 2011 licenses – 6 Keys available

As we already had one contest regarding TuneUp Utilities 2011 licenses few weeks ago, and now we are back with some more licenses. This time Tune Up is creating a new trend with its new innovation of Tune Up Deactivator. So here are 6 more licenses to win. And for this there are some simple

Time to play with a duo Lappy: Touchable and typable.

In this computer era, we all see lots of changes, lots of hi tech gadgets, touch screen, wireless keyboard. We have used Laptops with keyboard, touchscreen laptop too, but this time we will witness a duo. Yes it mean a Laptop with keyboard as well as Touch Screen which is flippable. Microsoft is launching its