CCFinder for finding image under the Creative Commons License

CCFinder is short for Creative Commons Finder which let you easily search for pictures under the Creative Commons License. There are millions of pictures available on Internet but you don’t know which pictures can be re-publicize or share without breaking the laws or having to pay money. CCFinder’s job is to give a detailed explanation of what you may do with each picture. CCFinder will find pictures with a creative commons license from Flickr as per your search keywords. With Metro Style UI it’s very easy to use and free of cost.

Features CCFinder image finding utility:

  • Search pictures by keywords
  • Find pictures with suitable licenses, that you may re-use (also commercially or on your website)
  • Use color filters on pictures or use them as desktop wallpaper
  • Very simple to use, Windows 8 style, for XP, Vista and 7
  • 100% free of charge


Search from here where you can type multiple search words separated with comma.


Search results based on search keyword. Click on Search icon present on each image to view detailed description of image. Or download, visit website, make the image as desktop wallpaper.


Here you can see the Detail of license of the image. From right you can apply filters to the image. And if you want to change settings or wanna start new search click on Top right corner.

Right now two languages are available for searching. And it is set to auto search for updates if any available.

System Requirements: Supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

CCFinder is the best tool which is very helpful for bloggers so that they can put such images which are open license so that no owner rights issue comes in future. Download CCFinder now.