Check Warranty Status of your Nokia Lumia or Microsoft Lumia device

All Nokia Lumia or we can say Microsoft Lumia devices owner must know about the warranty details of their smartphones whether their devices are still covered under company’s warranty or not. Or if you extended your device’s warranty then it must get reflected on the system as well. In all Lumia devices this option is coming right on few swipes and selection. So let’s have a look over the simple step of knowing the status of warranty of your loving device.

Swipe right to go for list of installed apps and then choose Lumia Help + Tips from the Lumia App Collection.

Lumia App Collection

Choose Check Your Warranty option from the screen so came after selection in previous step.

Lumia Help and Tips

From here you’ll come to know about the status of your device’s warranty and the country name where the warranty is applicable. In case you purchased Extended Warranty from Nokia Store or Microsoft Store then it’ll give you summarized info for the same here.

If you want to check the device’s warranty on web via device’s IMEI number then first find out the IMEI number of your phone. For this purpose Dial *#06# on your phone and it’ll display IMEI number (15 digits) of your device. Copy this unique digit and paste on following link:

Nokia Warranty Check

From here you’ll get to know about the warranty status of your device whose IMEI pasted here. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.