Competition: Bing’s home sweet homepage photo contest

Afte a great success and positive response of the first homepage photo contest now BIng is coming with its next iteration. ing is again back with the second Bing’s Home Sweet Homepage photo contest. There were more that 10,000 entries andupwards of half a million votes.
The winner was Jeremy Somers of Australia and was recently featured in a national television campaign in the United States.

The theme of this contest is “hometown pride.” ONly you have to take photos that demonstrate the beauty of the places you live in and call home. Bing homepage simply inspire a sense of exploration and delight through a single stunning image that draws you in to the search adventure.
Details of the contest can be found on Bing Facebook page and we will announce the winner on December 21, with the winning photo appearing on the homepage on January 6, 2010.
So this time waiting for some more excited and interesting homepage of your own home town.