How to configure mail in Windows 8

Windows 8 has its own features and applications for each and every task. For the mailing purpose Windows 8 has a separate app called Mail App. Now in this Mail we can configure our Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Exchange and other mail accounts in few clicks. We all need to know the basics of how to configure mail in Windows 8 so as to use the Mail app of the OS.

How to configure mail in Windows 8

First click on Mail app from the Start Screen or search it from Start Search for opening mail app. Once the mail app is open, go to charms bar by going to right corner of screen by mouse or press Windows + C. Now click on Settings.


Now click on Accounts from the settings box so came.


After clicking on Accounts you’ll see currently configured accounts and option to Add new accounts. Choose Add an account.


Now choose any one option from it. Like for example we are choosing Google for configuring Gmail. You can see more options like Yahoo, Exchange, AOL and other account for configuring.


It’s time to enter the credentials for the Gmail account you want to configure. So enter your username and password for the same.


Accept the terms and conditions from Google for configuring Gmail on your System.


Choose Yes on next step where Windows will save your Sign-in info so that you don’t have to enter the credentials again and again.




It’s all done and your Gmail account has been configured.


If you are using Two-Step verification then you have to enter the password so received on your cellphone. Else your mail configuring has been done successfully.

How to configure mail in Windows 8 Preview

Start from the Start screen and select the Mail app from there.

How to configure mail in Windows 8

Right Click anywhere on the Mail app to bring the Settings of the app and click on @Account.

Windows 8 Mail App

Now choose Google or Exchange as per your need which mail account you want to configure. As here I chose Google to configure gmail here.

Windows 8 Mail App

Provide your username and password of the Gmail account and click Connect. No need to take headache of SMTP, POP3 settings. Single click and your account get configured.

Windows 8 Mail App

Here it is, you can see your mailbox right here in few seconds. Simple and easily configured Gmail account in Windows 8 Mail app. 🙂 Happy Windows Computing 🙂 Lookout for more Windows 8 articles.