Create Windows 7 AIO (All-In-One) DVD or Merge all editions of Windows 7 in single DVD

As the Windows 7 is out now for consumers but this time Microsoft is providing each edition of it on separate DVD or ISO not on a single disc as was at the time of Windows Vista. My friend RameshK, Microsoft MVP now have a solution to this problem. He came to the solution of creating Windows 7 AIO (All-In-One) DVD or simply Merging all editions of WIndows Se7en in single DVD.


•Windows 7 DVD/ISO (x86 & x64) – As the DVD holds all editions i.e. Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate, we can choose any edition.

•Windows 7 Enterprise DVD/ISO (x86 & x64) – Windows 7 Enterprise is not available through retail channels.

Windows Automation Installation Kit (WAIK for Windows 7)

•Blank DVD (DVD5 – 4GB in size) compatible DVD Burner and CD/DVD burning software (like Nero, ImgBurn)

In order to create the AIO DVD or ISO simply follow the 7 step guide:

1. Install WAIK and the burning program & create folders. We created a folder named AIO on the root of E: drive and then two subfolders named DVD and WIMs in AIO.

2. Now copy/extract the content of Windows 7 x86 edition into DVD folder and copy/extract all WIM image file (install.wim, located under sources folder) into WIMs folder.
3. First of all unlock the x86 editions, delete ei.cfg file from AIO\DVD\Sources folder.

4. Run WAIK command prompt (Deployment Tools Command Prompt) As Administrator. Start > All Programs > Microsoft Windows AIK > Deployment Tools Command Prompt.

Each edition has an unique INDEX NO. in the install.wim (WIM file), you can check using the following command.

Imagex /info #path_of_wim_file#

The List of INDEX NOS in different WIM files:
5. Now execute the following command with appropriate INDEX NO to export a copy of the specified edition to another WIM file.

Imagex /export
#path_of_source_wim_file# #index_no##path_of_destination_wim_file# #description_of_edition#

For Us, the commands will be as follows:

For Windows 7 Enterprise x86

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×86_ENT.wim” 1 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 ENTERPRISE”

For Windows 7 Home Basic x64

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×64_ULT.wim” 1 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 HOMEBASIC (x64)”

For Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×64_ULT.wim” 2 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 HOMEPREMIUM (x64)”

For Windows 7 Professional x64

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×64_ULT.wim” 3 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 PROFESSIONAL (x64)”

For Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×64_ULT.wim” 4 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 ULTIMATE (x64)”

For Windows 7 Enterprise x64

Imagex /export “E:\AIO\WIMs\Windows_7×64_ENT.wim” 1 “E:\AIO\DVD\sources\install.wim” “Windows 7 ENTERPRISE (x64)”

So if anyone want to create AIO DVD or ISO and to get the above way of installation continue reading post here.