Custom ringtones coming to Mango

In the upcoming Windows Phone codenamed Mango a new feature is coming in the aspect of ringtone which user were demanding to give them more and here it is. Now its very esasy to make your own custom ringtone in Mango. Mango has a new Sound Experience where we will have 9 new native Microsoft ringtones like – Spring and Willow composed in-house  and custom ringtone where you can make your own from the ringtone apps.

You can easily save a voice recording or so as your ringtone, even any app that revolves around music or sound will become source of your ringtone like DJ apps, karaoke apps, sound effects apps. In Mango dvelopers will be given the tools and its upto them what they come up with.

One more interesting feature in this is that you can also make the sound or music file stored in to your PC as your ringtone but the file must qualify as:

•39 seconds or shorter
•smaller than 1 megabyte (MB)
•saved in MP3 or WMA format
•not copy-protected (i.e. DRM free)

So its all the play of tools, apps and your creativity what you can create and its time show up in this coming Windows Phone.