Twitter feature: Direct Image Uploading on Twitter

In the world of Social Network where competition is getting more stiffer day by day, now after facebook & Google + new features rolled out, Twiiter is coming with its own. Till now Twitter was a microblog where we can only tweet a 140 characters message but now Twitter is rolling image uploading feature.

Yes you heard right, now there is an option to direct upload and share pics from your own twitter box. To do so check this out:

You can see in the pic above, whenever you’ll click on New Tweet, then there are two small icons appearing in the lower left hand side. One is camera icon for uploading image and another one is compass icon for adding your location.

Image uploading is restricted upto 3MB size not more than that. And after uploading the image you can easily see this:

Now you can see that picture you just uploaded is coming the tweet box with the camera icon highlighted in blue and count of tweet chars also changes. You can delete image from tweet box by clicking on cross (x) button on image. Now you are ready to tweet with image, just hit tweet button. You tweet post will look like this:

When you click on the tweet then your image will be visible on the timeline in the right hand side. You can see like:

This image got uploaded on photobucket so its coming like powere by photobucket. Soon more 3rd party image providers will be added soon. In order to delete the image you have to delete the tweet.

So simple to upload and share images on Twitter. So stay tuned for more features.