Download from Microsoft DreamSpark using Akmai Download Manager doesn’t supprt resume.

I found a bug while download products from Microsoft DreamSpark suing its own download manager i.s Akmai Download Manager. I tried downloading several products and found that the download manager shows that the download is resumable but its not. I was unable to resume. This is what happens:

1.I start login to DreamSpark and succesfull login to my account.
2. Verify my DreamSpark account to the website.
3. Choose the Product as for example here Windows Server 2008 R2.
4. Click on Download to start the download, and download starts.
5. I’m able to resume if I pause the download myself, as many times if its done by me.
6. In case there is power cut and when system get restarted no option to resume the download from where it gets stopped.
Error so I got is shown below:

After this the file doesn’t start from where I left.