Download must-have Sports Apps on Windows

Because there tends to be a lot of crossover between iOS and Android systems, there’s an increasing perception that most notable apps are fairly universal. This isn’t exactly the case though (as plenty of Android users tired of reading iOS-centric write-ups and lists will happily tell you!). Where Windows is concerned, there’s even more variation though.

Despite the fact that Windows Phone is essentially dead, there’s still an appetite for Windows apps, whether on people’s Xbox consoles, Windows computers, and even related tablets (not to mention old phones people are still using). And because those apps can look just slightly different from the typical selection you see in iOS or Android stores, it bears going over them from time to time.

Here I’ll cover one of the most broadly utilized categories in the app world, and highlight some of the must-have sports apps people can download from the Microsoft store.

News Reader for ESPN

ESPN tends to rule when it comes to the best sports apps for iOS and Android, and it’s no different from Windows. However, the standard ESPN app has been in and out of availability through Windows. As an alternative, this unofficial news reader is a nice option for those who like to be on top of all of their favorite sports. With news, highlights, and commentary all included, it’s effectively a one-stop app for all related sports.

Forza Football

FourFourTwo, one of the internet’s busiest and most reliable platforms for all things football (in this case, meaning soccer), included Forza Football on its list of the best apps for followers of the sport. They also put it best, saying that while the app is a bit different because of some of its features (like canvassing approval ratings for club managers over the course of a season), you also get a hive of information with it: scores, lineups, highlights, standings, the latest news, and more.

FOX Sports

If you’re looking for an app through which to watch live sports, FOX Sports may be the best available in the Microsoft store, save some general cable alternative streaming options. The downside is that you need to have access to the included networks via your cable subscription in order to watch them through the app. Provided that though, you can get across-the-board access to some of the biggest leagues and sports in the world and enjoy a bottomless selection of live streaming opportunities.

CBS Sports

With the standard ESPN app not available, CBS Sports is a great comprehensive sports coverage option, with features including news, scores, highlights, live streams, and even fantasy sports. It’s also a good option for covering specific events such as specific golf tournaments or, most notably, college basketball’s “March Madness,” one of the biggest annual events in sports. Anticipation for March Madness is already heating up as of the time of this writing, which demonstrates why an app like this that covers all the ins and outs can be particularly valuable for a few months a year.

SofaScore LiveScore

For those who just want a data-driven sports app, with scores, stats, and little in the way of distraction, SofaScore LiveScore is a terrific option in the Microsoft Store. It’s not the flashiest option or one that zeroes in on a particular sport or contest, but it’s highly functional in providing the basic information you need to stay on top of a range of popular sports.