Download SkyDrive SDKs for .NET and Windows Phone

Developers will be happy to hear the Microsoft has released SkyDrive SDKs for Windows Phone & .NET. Now there is no need to rely on the SkyDrive APIs rather it’s time to make development much easier and simple. SkyDrive SDKs will help developers work for building apps on Windows Phone & NET.

In addition to SDKs Microsoft also made effective integrations in SkyDrive with IFTTT(“If this, then that”), DocuSign and SoundGecko to build great experiences for their users.

SkyDrive SDK for Windows Phone

Omar Shahine, Group Program Manager, said

…so we added client-side SDKs targeting Windows 8, Windows Phone, JavaScript Web library, iOS and Android as well as made several enhancement to our REST APIs by removing file extension restrictions and also letting you upload full resolution pictures

SDKs can be downloaded from or via NuGet in Visual Studio Project.