[Download] Top 4 downloads of this week.

Here I am presenting a single thread which includes top 4 downloads of this week. You will find most of them of your daily use and also very very helpful and handy. Top 4 downloads includes software in beta phase also other than final releases:

1. New Microsoft Security Essentials 2.0.522.0 Beta : MSE is a Microsoft product in the category of free antivirus which is available to connect users from here. It is currently in beta with milestone 2.0 reached and development is still going on to reach to some final build. Now Microsoft Security Essential is at 2.0.522.0 and current users of it can upgrade to the latest build of it. The update can be grabbed via Windows Update feature by all Genuine Windows users all around the world.

2. Mozilla Firefox Beta 7: Mozilla Firefox is bringing all new features and new era of web experience into its coming betas. This time Firefox is ready with its 4.0 Beta 7 release which can be downloaded from here or if you want the latest stable release then go to Firefox 3.6.

3. Google Chrome beta 8.0.552.200 : Google chrome is a product of Google which is upgrading itself day by day with its all new HTML 5, CSS 3 etc features with improved web experience. This time after entering into Beta 8.0 again received and update on 11th. It can be grabbed from here as beta 8.0.552.200 and for latest stable release click here.

4. Internet Explorer 9 Platform Preview 6:  Microsoft is bringing the new web experience like CSS3 2D transform, HTML 5, more Graphics, more speed , improved browsing experience with IE 9. You can Test Drive Internet Explorer Developer Platform at IE9TEstDrive and can see its amazing web experience with full feel.