[Download] Yahoo messensger 11.0 Beta

Yahoo messenger 11 Beta is available to test all over the world and it is now loaded with much more entertainment, customization and great improvements. Its easy to install:

Best features includes:

  • You can easily chat with your friends which are on other services like Facebook.
  • Video chat made easy with full screen high quality video.
  • Send SMS to your friends free of charge.
  • Conferencing is integrated in this build.
  • More emoticons, Avatars, audibles and IMvironments to express your feelings.
  • Integrated media player for watching web videos and for viewing photos with friends.

Add friends with a click:

Easy to connect to your facebook friends and enjoy chat:

User Interface is made very elegant:

Yahoo messenger is also available for International users covering areas like Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific.
The beta version of this tool is freely available and we can use it, test its features and be connected with our friends all over the world in a new environment with lots of new features which are all free of cost. Any osrt of problem can be easily reported to Yahoo directly from your own Yahoo Messenger. Just navigate to Help menu and then click on Report a problem to Yahoo. 
Download and other related links: