How to Enable or Disable Start Menu in Windows 10

Windows 10 came up with new concept of Start Menu. As we saw in early releases of Windows, Start Menu was dropped after Windows 7. But in this release Microsoft bought back the crispy Start Menu with new idea of merging classic Start Menu of Windows 7 with Windows 8 Start Screen. It’s a combo of classic Windows 7 Start Menu with snapped Windows 8 Start Screen.

Windows 10

Some people may not love the way Microsoft presented this new concept of Start Menu and may want to switch back to normal Start Screen as it was in Windows 8/8.1. So for that it’s quite simple and easy to do. Following are the steps to do so:

1. Right Click on Taskbar and click on “Properties“.

Windows 10 Tips

2. Navigate to “Start Menu” tab.

3. Uncheck the “Use the Start Menu instead of Start Screen.

Taskbar Start Menu Properties Windows 10

4. Click on Apply.

5. As you click on Apply, it’ll prompt to Sign Out and Change Settings. Click on it and log in again.

Taskbar Start Menu Properties Sign Out Windows 10

6. Voila, Start Screen is back. Now every time you choose to click on Windows Start Button or press Windows Key, Start Screen appears.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks of Windows 10. If you don’t have Windows 10 then download Windows 10 Technical Preview.