Facebook Ads using you in earning revenue

Facebook after releasing IPO now wants to earn revenue from the Ads where they will target you as a medium. Facebook Ads settings is very clever and makes you a medium for showing Ads to you & your friends so as to result in more money. Settings of Ads is by default using you and in return you are getting nothing. Here is what you or your friend will see:

Facebook Ads Example

We’ll recommend to turn off such settings with your own as most of the Facebook users are not concerned about this. Why to make money for somebody else when your profit is Zero. Here is the way to Edit the Ads settings and turn off such use of you & your name. Simply follow the steps:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Visit to your Account Settings¬†from Right Corner by Clicking on Drop Down Arrow their.
  • Now navigate to Facebook Ads section from Left Sidebar.

Facebook Account Settings

  • You can also¬†reach here directly by clicking here.
  • Here you can see two type of Ads setting (see image above)
    • Ads shown by third parties
    • Ads and friends
  • Click Edit third party ad settings from Ads shown by third parties section.
  • Now choose No one here If we allow this in the future, show my information to and click on Save Changes.
  • Click on Edit social ads settings.
  • Now choose No one here Pair my social actions with ads for and click Save Changes.

By default both these settings were at Only my friends. So its better to choose No one when you are getting nothing not even a single penny. Why let Facebook use you on the sake of their bank balance.