Facebook appcenter announced

Today Facebook announced the Facebook AppCenter where facebook users can find social apps. Soon people will be able to access the App center on the web and also in the iOS & Android Facebook apps. The App Center is valuable for the developers as they can grow their apps here and can create more opportunities for more apps.

Here is a look and feel of the Facebook App Center:

Facebook AppCenter

Facebook AppCenter

Facebook AppCenter

Any developer can now include their app in the Facebook App Center provided that they must follow the guidelines.

Features of the Facebook App Center:

  • A place to find great apps
  • Growth for high-quality apps
  • Driving mobile installs
  • Create your app detail page today
  • Paid Apps

So get ready to develop your own if you are a developer or if you are an user then wait till appcenter is made accessible to all and then explore app there. Here are some important links: How to submit you app in the Facebook App Center | App Center Guideline