Facebook launching video chat with Skype in coming days

Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement last week that something new is going to come in the features of Facebook and now its revealed to all that the feature is nothing but video chat. Already Google + started a web war among social networks and is already having feature called +Hangout where users can have group video chat without any use of application. Facebook will be seen soon with the video chat feature as Mark’s company is having Skype in collaboration for that and still its not sure that whether users can access it directly or have to download some application for it.

In this┬ácompetitive market more features you provide with what level of ease to access them will decide who is at the top and will lead. Google + still in beta phase and only invitation can let you taste the Google’s social networking cake (Google +) is competing with Facebook having billion dollar revenue and┬ámillions of users. Lets see what the web war results in coming future.