Facebook Video Chat is live now, start right now

Facebook recently announced about the news of bringing video chat feature soon with collaboration of Skype and now its available. Now every facebook user can video chat with all other user and enjoy the real web world social network.

Mark Zuckerberg made promise last week and now its fulfilled and with the help of a simple setup anyone can start the Facebook video chat. To start now follow the steps:

1. Visit Facebook Video Calling.

2. Click on Get Started.

3. Choose any online user from your account.

4 .Now Click on Video call icon (like webcam) and then click on Setup from the dialog box so appeared.

5. Allow the browser to run the application after downloading it. Its just a Facebook Video Chat plugin.

6. Now you are ready to chat. Click on webcam icon from the chat windows, and you are ready to chat.  In case you face any problem in setup or video is not working then visit help center.

Facebook joined hand with Skype. See the picture below:

So now Facebook is also ready to compete with the Hangout+ feature of Google +. So what are you waiting for, go and enjoy facebook video chat feature now.