Gaming with HTML5: Enjoy the new era of web

After the HTML4, Flash, Flex and other web related terms here is a new one HTML5 which is simply the same hyper text markup language we are seeing from few last decades but with lots of enhancements. Microsoft with IE9 is bringing the taste of HTML5, Google with Chrome and Mozilla in Firefox upcoming versions.  But this time this HTML is not the one which is only capable for some sort of static pages with those predefined tags but this is much more powerful, enhanced, improvised and advanced. Its very easy to make games with the use of only HTML5. 
When the IE9 beta was released in September Microsoft challenged Grant Skinner, the world famous Flash Guru and his team for coming up with some incredible game solely based on HTML5. And now its the day when we can test the talent of his team and capabilities of IE9 and other modern browsers too.

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You can play the game from here and for more technical details visit Grant’s blog or