Get Your Amazing Logo Now With DesignEvo!

What makes a customer choose your service, ahead of many other similar services?
-It’s your branding, your features, and many previous reviews from other clients.

Creating an iconic logo is critical in your branding. A successful logo should share some information that audiences agree and aspire.

Now that you know it, another question is how to make a successful logo for your business? Or, how to create the best possible logo? You definitely want to have the logo that attracts people to your business.

Next, we’ll show you how to design an amazing logo and create your brand identity with DesignEvo logo maker for free.

How to Find Your Brand Identity and Create Your Logo with DesignEvo?

Without knowing some logo constructing criteria, an average joe will have a large chance of making an ineffective logo. So, we’d like to share a case study of Starbucks logo below.

What makes a logo successful? – A peek into the Starbucks logo.

In the paper of Starbucks Logo Design Research, the wisdom of Starbucks logo success is revealed:

  1. Simplify the design of the Starbucks logo.
  2. Enlarge the logo shape to make it more iconic.
  3. Use a natural color scheme in logo design.
  4. Pick a crystal logo font!

To do them well above, it’s not an easy job for the majority of us. Therefore, we need a convenient app to help us, checking the four points. Then, DesignEvo, a free logo maker is a solution, with everything ready.

How to create your logo with DesignEvo for free?

Land designevo homepage and a click of [Make a Free Logo] will take you to its massive logo templates, where you can wander around its fabulous designs that hit 10,000 logos.

->Make use of DesignEvo logo search engine!
If you don’t have any good ideas or don’t where to get started, you can try with DesignEvo logo templates:

Give a try by entering a keyword that features your company, services, or products. DesignEvo may retrieve some inspirations for you.

Or, you have a clear idea of what color will do the work, you can give it a search. DesignEvo will return tens of logo templates in that category.

It’s likely that you see 3+ logos that might be proper, then you can register a free account and save them for later consideration.

->Hit a template that you like best and customize it!
The customization work will be much easier than those navigations in many other logo design tools.

Just select a text or a shape, you can replace it with a new one or change its family font, color, layer, and its effect.

->Preview & Download!
After you’ve finished your customization, a click of [Preview] will present you with 6 scenarios to examine if it’s what you want.

And the most important thing is downloading your logo. A highlight is that DesignEvo offers a free, watermark-free download option for logo design under a size of 500 x 500 px. For higher requirements like high-res or SVG/PDF files, it requires you a small amount of payment.

You can see and choose from above-mentioned pricing for a customized logo as per your need.