Get the Games for Windows – Live Client

Games for Windows – LIVE is a free online gaming service which let you directly connect & play with your friends and more than 14 million Xbox LIVE members. Here you can also use the service of text and voice messaging across Games for Windows – LIVE and Xbox LIVE. This online Gaming service offers online matchmaking using the patented TrueSkill enhanced matchmaking system.

Here every memeber own its own identity i.e. “Gamertag” that is your representation across games and platforms. You can also create your own “gamertag”. As this Games for Windows – LIVE and Xbox LIVE shares the same network, so your single identity works across Windows, Xbox 360, reputation, and use voice and rext chat-even across platforms.

In order to paly games on Games for Windows – LIVE everyone must have a “Gamertag” which is a nickname used by gamer while palying. If you own a gamertag then drectly go for the download otherwise crete a gamertag.

Create a Gamertag | Download