Google Chrome 12 features: Experimental New Tab Page

In the morning we posted about the Print Preview Tab feature of Google Chrome and now in the series another feature is Experimental New Tab Page which enables an in-development new redesign of the new tab page.
To enable the feature follow the steps as:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type about:flags in the address bar. Press Enter
  • Go to the “Experimental New Tab Page” Option and enable it by clicking on the Enable button.

As soon as you enable it just relaunch the Chrome and see the effect by clicking on the new tab button (or Ctrl + T). You’ll see a new design of the page. Here is the screen shot of it:

Google Chrome 12 Experimental New Tab Feature

You’ll notice a new bar at the bottom having several tabs as:
Most Visited – Shows the most visited website in the tiles form, Apps – Show the Applications installed for the browser, Foo and Bar.

Google Chrome 12 Experimental New Tab Feature Bar

In order to toggle between these tabs either you can click on the names at the bottom or just use your mouse and drag the page to right or left as like its a touch screen and you’ll move in between them.

Google Chrome 12 Experimental New Tab Feature - Apps
So rather than waiting just feel the experience yourself.
Download Google Chrome: Web Installer | Offline Installer