Google Chrome 12 features: Print Preview Tab

Google Chrome finally released their version 12 and it seems that its having lots more power, feature, options and hidden tricks. To enable some of the features in the Google Chrome follow the steps as:

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Type about:flags in the address bar. Press Enter
  • Go to the “Print Preview” Option and enable it by clicking on the Enable button.

Now see the magic of Print Preview option. See in the images below. I opened and then chose Print (Ctrl+P) and rest is in images, see yourself:

Google Chrome 12 print preview feature

As you can see that in the right side there is setting for the Print Preview and we can see the preview in the left side. We can choose the Color or Black and White and we can see the instant preview on left.

Google Chrome 12 Print preview feature

Stay connected and we will see some more exciting features of Google Chrome.