Google+ Events : new feature introduced by Google

Few weeks ago Google introduced Google Drive¬†and now Google introduced a feature for Google+ users which is Google+ events. Life is full of moments and moments matter before, during or after in a person’s life. Keeping this in mind Google has rolled out this feature for their users.

Features of Google+ Events:

  • Send beautiful invitations
  • Share photos live with Party Mode
  • See everyone’s pictures in one place
  • Stay in sync with Google Calendar integration

When You’ll login to Google+ account then you’ll see the following pop-up which will tell you about Google+ events features:

Google+ Events

What Google+ events can do:

  • Add event details: First of all start with the essential point about the event like: title, date and location.
  • Make your invitation stand out: Choose the featured theme from the collection using arrow buttons or to add your own theme photo click Change theme.
  • Make your event a hangout: Select Google+ hangout for planning a video chat.
  • Invite guests: To invite guests either add circles to the guest list or add individuals by using Add button or invite non-Google+ friends by email address.

An example of creating an event in Google+:
Google+ Events

Let’s watch Google+ events in action:


Give a try to this new feature. It may seem somewhat similar to Facebook events but has so many customization. Location is added from Google Maps help and with so many other advance options it is promising.