Hotmail celebrating 15th birthday, launches mini-calendar

Hotmail was launched in July 15 years ago in 1996 (exact date 4th of July, 1996). With lots of hard work of several developers Hotmail era of 15 years was very busy and they rolled out so many features in 2011 and we saw Seven release of Hotmail. Today its time to welcome in the series the eighth set of feature release.

Seven feature set which got rolled out yet are:

  • Aliases are added without going into complexity of multiple accounts. Record 3 million aliases have already been created.
  • Inbuilt Facebook Chat into Messenger so that you can chat with millions of Facebook users right from your Inbox.
  • Account security and much more control over your identity so that no one can steal it and keeps you as the real owner of your account.
  • Powerful IE9 features like taskbar pinning, notifications and jump list support give you feel of using an application.
  • Get you connected to the Social World with help of Active Views and as per figure nearly 200 million Active Views were delivered via services like LinkedIn, LivingSocial, Posterous.
  • Hotmail is given features as Outlook have like mouse and keyboard shortcuts with remebering custom fonts and getting back the deleted messages.
  • HTML5 integration with Hotmail resulted in faster and 10 times faster Hotmail.

And now its turn to give you more this year with two new calendar features.

A mini-calendar will be added to the Hotmail same as like in Outlook in the left pane of Hotmail in order keep you updated of the upcoming appointments and jump to a particular date. Its not for all users rather will be rolled out with a feedback option and soon to all.

Another feature will be a new option “go to” which will let you easily get to the messages from a particular date. It is located at the bottom of your message list.

Even the list can be sorted From to get the messages from a particular sender. After all these features still there more to come.