How much will Office 2010 cost to a user?

Recently Microsoft touched a milestone of record downloads of Office 2010 Beta by crossing over 2 millions of trail copy download of it. And now they unveiled the retail pricing of Office 2010.
We will be having four version of taste of Microsoft Office 2010 so as to make it easier to opt for one which is best for us. The fur versions of Microsoft Office 2010 are- Office Home and Business, Office Professional, Office Home and Student, and Office Professional Academic. Below is a chart that outlines the features and pricing for each version:

  • Office Home and Student boxed product is available in a Family Pack, allowing usage on three PCs in one house.
  • Purchase rights for Office Home and Business, Office Professional, and Office Professional Academic boxed product allow for usage on two of your PCs.
  • The Product Key Card is valid for a single installation of the product.
To download the above detailed guide to each edition click here.