How to activate Windows 8 Release Preview

We all know that Windows 8 Release Preview is released and most of the people all over the world downloaded and even installed the Operating System. Now after installing the Windows 8, its necessary to activate Windows 8 which can be done easily. Here is how to activate Windows 8:

Move your Mouse cursor to the extreme right corner to bring the Charms bar. Select Setting from the Charms bar and click on it. You’ll see the following options:

Windows 8

Now select More PC settings from here. And then The Activate Windows options get started automatically.

Windows 8

You can also activate Windows using Command Prompt which is an easy way to do so. For this open Command Prompt via Run Dialog Box (Press Win Key + R and then type cmd).

Type Command slmgr /ato to activate the Windows. You will see a confirmation box for the successful activation.

 Windows 8

You can check the detailed license information (Shown above) using command slmgr /dlv where you will see the expiration date of Windows 8 Release Preview which is January 15, 2013. Stay tuned for more Windows 8 articles.