How to Convert Scanned PDFs to Word at Once

[Review] “PDF Converter Elite” – How to convert Scanned PDF to Word

Turning paper documents into their digital versions has become a common thing nowadays. One of the reasons why people turn to digital documents is the fact that such files can be transferred somewhere else more quickly and easily.

There is a difference between files that are created on a computer or a mobile device and those files that are initially created on a paper and then transferred via digital camera to a computer. It is easy to manage files that are natively created in a digital form. But it is not so easy dealing with scanned files. Scanned files are usually saved in PDF format and it is inevitable to convert that PDF to an editable file format such as MS Word.

Converting a PDF to Word still doesn’t solve this issue, when it comes to scanned PDFs. Not all PDF conversion tools are capable of converting scanned PDFs. Most of them just transform the file from PDF to Word, but when you open that Word document, you will still see content locked in a scanned image. To convert scanned PDFs to Word, you need special PDF conversion tools that have integrated OCR technology. One such tool is PDF Converter Elite. Not only does it convert a scanned PDF to Word, but it also has batch conversion that works with scanned files as well.

So, if you decide to give this tool a try, this how-to guide below will teach you how to save time and turn multiple scanned PDF files to Word, at once.

How to Convert PDF to Word in Batches

Upon starting a program, click the Convert menu and then select Convert Using OCR from the OCR Options. In that way, you will turn on the OCR engine that enables scanned PDF conversion.

Batch Conversion of Scanned PDF to Word

Step 1: Now click on the Batch icon (gear shape icon) from the Toolbar menu.

Step 2: On the batch conversion window, click on the Add Files button. Add as many PDF files as you want. This option works with both native and scanned PDF files. Scanned PDF conversion in batches is not something you can find in most PDF converters. If you want to remove a PDF from that list, select the file and then Remove Selected.

Batch Conversion of Scanned PDF to Word

Step 3: Choose the output folder by clicking the Browse button. Check the output file format and enter captcha.

Step 4: Finally, click on Convert.

Other than this you can choose more options like converting to Word-Frames, Word-Text or other file formats like PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Excel, PDF to Publisher, PDF to OpenOffice formats etc.

Batch Conversion of Scanned PDF to Word

Now all files will be converted to Word and ready for editing. Unlike converting files, you cannot edit all the files at once, it just simply is not in the human nature.