How to Import Favorites from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Microsoft Edge

It’s quite easy to remember a site name like or but what if the list of the sites goes on, what if we have to remember an exact URL of a website. URL like “” are not that simple to remember. So here comes the option of bookmark or favorite the particular URL or site. Bookmarking of web pages started in early 90s and still persisting. In case we are using more than one browser we keep bookmarking or make favorites day by day separately on browser. Then one time we need to import the bookmarks from one to other browser. Here is the simple way of importing your favorites from Internet Explorer or Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to our favorite Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is the future of web browser and so we need to import our favorites from different browser for organizing a collective favorite list in Microsoft Edge. To do the same follow the steps as given:

Step 1: Click on Ellipsis button(Three dots for additional options) situated on right top corner. And then choose Settings from the drop down menu so appeared.


Step 2: Choose Import favorites from another browser from the Settings Menu page so appeared.


Step 3: Choose your browser from the list from where you want to import favorites. Check the check boxes of those browser like here Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. And then click on Import button.


Step 4: As you’ll click on Import, you’ll see that your bookmarks toolbar or favorites bar is filled with your favorites so imported. You can see in the image below, my imported favorites are shown in red ellipse with a drop down button option in the last for res of the list of favorites.


In case you’re not seeing the imported favorites then may be your Favorites Bar is hidden. For showing favorites bar in Microsoft Edge kindly toggle the option Show the favorites bar form Settings page.