How to Make Custom Labels Online Free

It really pays off to label personal, kids, household, and office items. On one hand, you keep your family’s personal items safe from losing and thus cut expenses of purchasing new ones. On the other, labels help your household members, dinner party guests and everyone around you to distinguish between, for example, similar but different spices, dishes, clothing and household items, office supplies, etc.
Labeling stuff doesn’t only have to be useful, it can also be fun and creative. Furthermore, when you are organizing birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, and wedding receptions, or business cocktail parties and other celebrations, you can use your drink labels to make a statement and heat up your events. As a matter of fact, with a help of Internet and ubiquitous web apps like Labeley, you can actually create totally unique and personalized labels and stickers for all sorts of stuff.

Creating personalized labels with Labeley

Labeley is a 100% free web-based label designer tool that enables you to generate your custom labels without much effort, design skills or time investment. Without further ado, here’s how:

1. On the homepage click the Start designing button and choose your label category first (general, kids, beer, wine, and holidays). Since it’s the season for organizing end of a year business parties, we’ll show you how to create a totally custom (sparkling) wine label. Hence, start by clicking on the wine label category.
create label online frree
2. This takes you to the wine label generator where the magic unfolds. Choose the shape for your label. This is the only mandatory step. Everything else is there to customize your label and make it appealing: border, background color and scheme, numerous fonts with different style and weight options, including the full-color palette for your text, ready-made graphics that you can incorporate in your labels and resize, rotate and move around your label. In a nutshell, you can add, remove and adjust all these elements as much as you want. Everything available for customizing labels is free so there is no need to worry about that.
create label online frree
3. Optionally, upload your own pictures and illustrations into the tool (by clicking the Upload icon in the left sidebar) to make your label ultimately unique.

4. When you finish designing, you can save and download your label. Click the Save label button (find it in the upper right corner of the tool’s interface).


The label will appear in the left vertical sidebar, right next to the label element options. Right click on it, and choose the option Save as to download it to your local disk. Note that it is not required to provide your email address or any other personal detail in order to do this.

5. If you want, however, to save your design as a base for future similar labels, then you can sign up for a free Labeley user account where you can store your designs, access them at any time and modify as you wish.